4 Winter Activities at Ober Gatlinburg You’ll Want to Try

Ober Gatlinburg sign

Have you ever been to Ober Gatlinburg in the winter? If you haven’t, then you definitely should! There are activities for people of all ages to do, from small kids to older adults! You’ll find so many fun activities you can’t do any other time of the year, most of which include man made snow! Here are 4 winter activities at Ober Gatlinburg you’ll want to try:

1. Skiing and Snowboarding

Ober Gatlinburg is known as being the only ski resort in Tennessee, so you can’t come here in the winter without skiing and snowboarding! While East Tennessee does get some snow, there’s not always enough to sustain these winter sports. A machine dispenses mist into the air that turns into snow before it hits the ground. If you’re a beginner wanting to try these sports, you can rent equipment from them and get lessons from an instructor. If you bring your own equipment, then you can immediately ride up the chairlift to the top of the hill and enjoy your ride down!

2. Snow Tubing

tube on a hill for snow tubing

Want to get on the snow but don’t want to ski or snowboard? Then you’ll love snow tubing! Right next to the ski hill, there’s a smaller hill where you ride down in a tube. Snow is made with a refrigerated snow making system called Snow Magic and can actually be maintained in above freezing temperatures for a little while. Instead of having to walk up the hill every time you want to ride back down, you just get a ride on the Magic Carpet that takes you and your tube back up to the top of the hill!

3. Cubbies Snow Zone

Are you going to have small children with you who won’t want to ski or snowboard? Take them to the Cubbies Snow Zone! You can run, jump, and play in the snow in this area, for as long as you want. Kids will have a blast making snow angels, building snowmen, and just playing in it! Making and throwing snowballs is prohibited in the Cubbies Snow Zone. To play in this area, children must be less than 48 inches tall and accompanied by an adult.

4. Ice Skating

girl ice skating

Although you can ice skate any time of the year, it’s the perfect activity to do in the winter at Ober Gatlinburg! Located inside the mall next to the ski resort, you can just rent a pair of skates and skate around the rink for as long as you want! This is the perfect family activity, even if you’ve never been ice skating before! Everyone in your family can participate, and you’ll have a blast doing it. You can also ride ice bumper cars on the same rink, knocking into each other for some more fun!

You and your family will have doing any of these winter activities at Ober Gatlinburg! Ready to get on the slopes? Start planning your winter trip today by booking one of our cabins in the Smoky Mountains!