Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Village Shops in Gatlinburg TN

the village at night

While there are many excellent shopping opportunities throughout Gatlinburg, one of the best places to visit for souvenirs and gifts is The Village Shops! This beautiful shopping complex features a variety of unique shops and eateries set in a European themed village. Whether you want to browse through the stores or simply take a stroll outside, you will not be disappointed by the lovely atmosphere! Here are the top 4 reasons why you should visit The Village Shops in Gatlinburg TN during your vacation to the Smoky Mountains:

1. Unique Specialty Shops

The Village Shops in Gatlinburg TN offer a collection of 27 specialty shops where you can find just about every type of gift imaginable! Whether you are looking for candles, hand thrown pottery, toys or hiking gear, you are sure to find it there! This shopping complex provides a nice break away from the cookie cutter retail shops that you can find just about anywhere else that you visit. As soon as you enter the distinctive brick archway into The Village Shops, grab a directory to discover all of the wonderful establishments there!

2. Dog Friendly

happy dog on a leash

If you are staying in one of our pet friendly cabin rentals in Gatlinburg, you will be happy to know that The Village Shops is a dog friendly shopping area! While it is up to the individual shop owner to decide whether they permit dogs in their store, you will find that many owners place water bowls outside of their stops. Therefore, feel free to bring your dog along on a leash for some exercise and to enjoy the great outdoors!

3. Charming Ambiance

One of the best things about The Village Shops is the charming Old World ambiance! In fact, you could enjoy a visit to this special destination without stepping foot into any of the shops or restaurants. The shopping area features brick pathways, abundant landscaping and bubbling fountains for a peaceful escape from the traffic on the Parkway. The history of The Village Shops dates back to 1965 when two families purchased the property and traveled extensively to search for architectural and cultural ideas. Eventually, they acquired thick roofing slates, antique trim moldings, gas lighting fixtures, and handmade bricks to complete its appearance. The first shops were finished in 1970, and the remaining ones were added in 1982 to create the delightful environment that you see today!

4. Tempting Dining Options

the donut friar

No visit to The Village Shops in Gatlinburg TN is complete without stopping for a delicious treat! Once you step inside The Village, you are sure to notice the sweet smell of freshly made donuts coming from The Donut Friar! One of the most famous establishments at The Village Shops is The Cheese Cupboard and Hofbrauhaus Restaurant. It offers a huge variety of imported and domestic cheese, tasty crackers and amazing chocolates straight from Switzerland and Germany! If you prefer a full meal, head upstairs to the Hofbrauhaus Restaurant that is styled after a German pub. While their Super Reuben sandwich has become a crowd favorite, you can also enjoy other hot sandwiches like the Hoagie, Turkey, Pastrami or Bratwurst!

As you can tell, there are plenty of things to love about this amazing shopping complex! Be sure to learn more about Gatlinburg and all the other fun things to do here so that you can have a fantastic trip!