Top 5 Places to Visit in Gatlinburg When You Want a Snack

When you’re in the mood for a snack in the Smokies, you might be wondering where you should go! There are plenty of places to visit in Gatlinburg when you’re in the mood for a snack. Whether you want something savory or sweet, there’s a shop for it in Gatlinburg! Look at these top 5 places to visit in Gatlinburg when you want a snack:

1. Fannie Farkle’s

fannie farkle's in gatlinburg

Fannie Farkle’s is a popular place to go if you need a snack! They are famous for their Ogle Dog, better known as a freshly dipped corn dog; these corn dogs are 1 foot long! As soon as you walk by their store, you’ll be able to smell their cheese steaks and sausage subs covered in peppers and onions. Get one of their hot dogs covered in toppings you love. If you want something a little lighter, they also serve shaved ice with all kinds of flavors to choose from. You can also get soda, freshly brewed Tennessee sweet tea, and lemonade to drink. Plus, after you grab a snack, you can play games in the arcade!

2. Hot Diggity Dawg

If you love hot dogs, you should head to Hot Diggity Dawg, one of the places to visit in Gatlinburg when you need a snack! Choose from a 100 percent beef or turkey dog and top with onions, chili, cheese, and many other toppings. You’ll also find street tacos, sausage, nachos, pulled pork sandwich, and much more. If you want something sweet, they have cheesecake, coconut cake, and german chocolate cake.

3. The Donut Friar

the donut friar in gatlinburg

One of the most popular places to visit in Gatlinburg is The Donut Friar, especially if you have a sweet tooth! You can get glazed, powdered cake, cinnamon twist, chocolate chipper, coconut delight, and many other kinds of donuts. The Donut Friar also serves crullers, eclairs, and croissants. What pairs better with donuts than a cup of coffee! They serve coffee every way you can think of, from lattes to cappuccinos. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, they also have hot chocolate, apple cider, and soda.

4. Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

When you really need something sweet, you should visit Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen. They’re known for their taffy logs in an assortment of flavors, from sour apple to cinnamon. Old Smoky Candy Kitchen also has pecan logs, fudge, divinity, brittle, and all kinds of chocolates. You can watch the candy makers create all of these delicious treats through the window or inside the shop.

5. Slice Pizza Bakery

Delicious New York style pizza in a box.

Slice Pizza Bakery is just the place to visit in Gatlinburg when you want a slice of pizza for a snack! Their slices are so huge, you can share with your whole family. You can get cheese, pepperoni, or a specialty slice. Some of the specialty flavors are veggie, Hawaiian, and meat lovers. Once you grab a slice to share, you should head up to the top of the Gatlinburg Space Needle!

There are a ton of places to visit in Gatlinburg when you want a snack! Since you have an idea of where you’re going to eat, it’s time to start planning your next trip! Look through our available cabins and book one today!