Top 4 Reasons to Visit Rowdy Bear Mountain On Your Vacation

rowdy bear mountain in gatlinburg

Want to do something different on your next trip? You should go to Rowdy Bear Mountain, where you can ride a gravity propelled alpine coaster or experience the sensation of flight on a suspended coaster! These action-packed attractions are not only fun for the whole family but offer tremendous views of the Great Smoky Mountains! Here are the top 4 reasons to visit Rowdy Bear Mountain during your Gatlinburg vacation:

1. Ride the Mountain Alpine Coaster

mountain coaster

One of the top reasons you should visit Rowdy Bear Mountain is to experience the thrill of the Mountain Alpine Coaster! This roller coaster attraction can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour while winding through the woods and down the mountain! This attraction differs from a traditional roller coaster because you get to control the speed of your ride. You just push your handles forward to accelerate and pull back to slow down to control the speed. The Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster features the latest Distance Control System on their carts, so you never have to worry about carts coming in contact with each other.

2. Experience the Mountain Glider

The Mountain Glider at Rowdy Bear Mountain is a unique single railed coaster that is the first of its kind in the world! This attraction allows you to soar through the treetops for an adventure that is sure to be a highlight of your vacation in Gatlinburg! The best way to describe the ride is a combination between free falling and hang gliding, and it is a safe experience where you are securely attached to an overhead rail at all times!

3. Ticket are Affordable

mountain coaster

Rowdy Bear Mountain has a wide variety of affordable ticket options available! You can purchase single ride tickets for either of the two attractions, or a special coaster/glider combination ticket that includes 1 ride on the Mountain Alpine Coaster, 1 ride on the Mountain Glider, and a Wildcard ticket that allows you to pick another ride of your choice! If you love mountain coasters, consider the one hour unlimited alpine coaster wristband. This wristband offers unlimited rides on the Mountain Alpine Coaster, and you are guaranteed to get at least 5 rides during the hour!

4. Close to Chalet Village

Rowdy Bear Mountain is just minutes away from our vacation rentals, where you can enjoy a fabulous vacation among the beauty of the Smoky Mountains! Whether you are planning a romantic getaway for two or a large family reunion, we have cabins of all sizes to meet your needs! While staying with us, you can enjoy all types of fantastic amenities including private decks with mountain views, fully equipped kitchens, hot tubs, game rooms, and much more!

You will all have a blast riding a mountain coaster and the Mountain Glider in Gatlinburg on your next vacation! Check out all of our cabin rentals in Gatlinburg TN today to plan your vacation near the action-packed attractions on Rowdy Bear Mountain! We look forward to seeing you soon!