5 Reasons Why Newly Married Couples Love Our Honeymoon Cabins in Gatlinburg

Romantic couple drinking wine next to the fireplace.

If you are planning a wedding and looking for the most romantic vacation destination in the Smoky Mountains, check out Chalet Village! Our honeymoon cabins are especially designed for couples looking to celebrate their new marriage in a romantic and peaceful setting. Check out these 5 reasons why newly married couples love our honeymoon cabins in Gatlinburg:

1. Beautiful Views of the Mountains

After going through months of wedding planning, there is nothing better than escaping on your honeymoon to the peace and serenity of the Great Smoky Mountains! Our honeymoon cabins have been placed in a perfect location so that you can enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and the tranquil sounds of nature. Relax together on your private deck as you view fall foliage, wildflowers or snow covered mountains. The Smokies are stunning at any time of year!

2. Bubbling Hot Tubs

A hot tub on the deck of a cabin in Gatlinburg.

Our honeymoon cabins in Gatlinburg feature outdoor bubbling hot tubs so that you can enjoy the crisp mountain air while soaking the day away. It is pure heaven to sit back in the warm waters of the hot tub as you relax with your new spouse! If you spent a day hiking together at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the hot tub is also a fantastic way to soothe your muscles. Don’t forget to step into the tub at night to witness the incredible night sky above the mountains!

3. Warmth and Ambiance from the Fireplace

If you close your eyes and picture the perfect honeymoon cabin, there is a good chance that there is a crackling fire in the fireplace! That vision is a reality at Chalet Village where you can enjoy a fire on each day of your stay at our honeymoon cabins in Gatlinburg! Imagine cuddling up on the couch with your sweetheart as you watch the dancing flames in the fireplace and let the heat of the fire warm your bones. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

4. Full Kitchens for Easy Meal Preparation

While there are plenty of fantastic restaurants in Gatlinburg for dining out, there are some nights where you might just want to eat in the cozy surroundings of your cabin. The great news is that our honeymoon cabins feature full kitchens where you can surprise your new husband or wife with their favorite meal! Whether you want a quick breakfast before exploring downtown Gatlinburg or a four course dinner in the evening, we have almost everything you need in the kitchen… you just need to bring the food!

5. Comfortable Accommodations for a Great Night of Rest

Balcony view cabin rental in Gatlinburg TN Chalet Village

Couples love our comfortable accommodations where they can enjoy a great night of rest after a busy day of sightseeing in Gatlinburg! Take the unique opportunity to sleep in late and pamper yourselves after your wedding ceremony. This is what a honeymoon vacation to Gatlinburg is all about!

Check out all of our honeymoon cabins in Gatlinburg today to plan the celebration of your new life together as a married couple! We look forward to seeing you soon at Chalet Village!