Top 3 Health Benefits of Staying in Our Gatlinburg Cabins with Hot Tubs


If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to live a healthier lifestyle, this is a perfect opportunity to stay in the cabins with hot tubs from Chalet Village! While soaking in the outdoor hot tub is a delightful way to experience the scenic wonders of the Smokies, it is also incredibly beneficial to your health! Here are the top 3 health benefits of staying in our Gatlinburg cabins with hot tubs:

1. Stress ReliefA hot tub on the deck of a cabin in Gatlinburg.

One of the top health benefits of staying in our Gatlinburg cabins with hot tubs is stress relief! If you have been experiencing a high level of stress for prolonged periods of time, this can often lead to chronic disease and ailments. If you need a break from the hectic daily routine of work, school and other activities, there is no better time than now for a vacation to Chalet Village! Relax in your private hot tub and let the jets soothe your muscles! The bubbling water feels wonderful and will help you relax both mentally and physically. Once you are in the hot tub, just find the most comfortable spot and use the jets to target your areas of tension. You can even use the hot tub to enjoy a foot massage by placing your feet directly in front of the jets!

2. Improved Circulation

When you spend time in the hot tub in your cabin at Chalet Village, you can enjoy the health benefit of improved circulation! The hot bubbling water will cause your body temperature to rise, which dilates your blood vessels and helps to improve the blood circulation throughout your body. This is especially beneficial to those folks with arthritis as the gentle flow of the water from the jets alleviates the pressure on joints and allows for freedom of movement. After just 20 minutes in the hot tub on your private deck, you can improve the health of your lungs and heart! Just imagine how refreshed you will feel after a week or even just a few days in our cabins.

black bear cabin bedroom3. Better Night of Sleep

Another health benefit or staying in our Gatlinburg cabins with hot tubs is the opportunity to enjoy a better night of sleep! After all, a solid night of sleep makes you feel refreshed in the morning and leads to an improvement in overall health. Studies have shown that soaking in a hot tub at a constant temperature before your bedtime can help you go from tossing and turning to a quality night of sleep. This is because the hot water in the tub actually stimulates your body’s sleep mechanisms and increases relaxation, which helps you to fall asleep faster. Once you leave the hot tub, your body temperature drops and signals that it is time to go to bed.

Check out all of our Gatlinburg cabins with hot tubs today to plan your healthy getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains! We look forward to seeing you soon at Chalet Village!