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February in the Smokies 2016


Continuing on the season for romance and interesting special events going on in the Smokies, you can already guess the big reason for coming to the mountains this month (Valentine's Day, for those of you who get in trouble for forgetting), but there's another one coming after that to appeal to a more select but equally fun desire for many people - Saddle Up! in Pigeon Forge.

Valentine's Day is, as always, February 14th and the Smokies offer much to fulfill the romantic intentions of our visitors. The Space Needle, Ober Gatlinburg and the Sky Lift can give the two of you gorgeous views of the Smokies all around and fill you with the majesty of the mountains. They don't need any color to inspire wonder. If you're into the simple pleasures of life (and if not, you should be!) we have Ripley's Davy Crocket Mini Golf, Old Gatlinburg Golf and Games, Fannie Farkle's, Arcadia and Cooter's Place in the Smokies. If you're looking for something to fire up the imagination a little hotter, we have Ripley's Aquarium, Haunted Adventure, Believe It or Not! Odditorium, and Guinness World of Records. If you're looking for something to, um, spice things up a little differently, we have Smoky Mountain Winery, Sugarland Cellars, Doc Collier Moonshine Distillery and, of course, Ole Smoky Moonshine.

The list of Gatlinburg attractions only begins there, there's a lot more to see at www.gatlinburg.com.

And now for what follows - what is Saddle Up! exactly? Well, it's a weekend where the west comes east and fans of Old West culture can put on their spurs and numerical-gallon hats, listen to a plethora of modern Western singer/songwriters perform throughout the city and even enjoy cowboy-themed breakfasts, lunches, workshops and a church service. It's quite a different kind of special event for the Smokies and it's a lot of fun.

You can see more on that event at http://www.mypigeonforge.com/events/saddle-up/.

And now what sort of cabins do we have available for a romantic interlude in the Smokies during that time? Have a look here to find openings for our chalets. http://www.chaletvillage.com/honeymoon-cabin-rentals

Hope to see you soon!

Winterfest Beyond the Holidays

As much fun as the holidays were, are, and will always continue to be here in the Smokies, it shouldn't be hard to imagine that we look forward to the "off" season just as much. The city of Gatlinburg and many of our visitors take a well-earned break from extroverted festivities for the season, and in the meantime we get to enjoy a very quiet, dignified Smoky Mountain environment that is perfect for those who wanted to wait until the holidays were over, those who want a romantic getaway, and those who want both!

You'll be happy to know that, even if the "tourism" season is over until Spring, many of the restaurants, shops and attractions in town are still in full swing. Ripley's Aquarium, Ober Gatlinburg and the Winter Sports season, the Village, the Space Needle and many more are all the more enjoyable now that there's more space for you and your companion(s). As far as the beauty and dignity of the still mountains during post-holiday Winterfest, think of it like having the entire space of time between now and mid-March where every day is like Valentine's Day in Gatlinburg. There's no reason to wait until February the 14th when everyone else will be out in town - you can have your romantic getaway anytime!

At Chalet Village, you can be guaranteed to a luxury place in calling your own all throughout the year. We have views of the city, views of the mountains, solitude and absolutely everything you need for the getaway you deserve. Check our romantic cabins here and find the one that fits your taste!

Why You Should Choose a Vacation Cabin Rental For Your Getaway

As big as the chalet industry is in this state, and as many visitors as we've seen in our 15+ years of operating in the Smokies, it's kind of surprising to know that many people are still somewhat taken aback by the idea of renting an entire house for a getaway, or skeptical of it from the cost all the same.

So what advantages can a vacation house provide over a condo or a hotel room?

1. A huge upgrade in privacy. With hotel rooms and condos, you're typically only separated from your neighbors by a medium-thick wall and window curtains. With our houses, the entire building and the surrounding property provides you privacy which is accentuated further by the mountain setting we're in. Peace and quiet are pretty much guaranteed throughout the year!

2. A huge upgrade in luxury amenities. There aren't many hotel rooms in town that offer pool tables, hot tubs, jacuzzi tubs, multiple stories and bedrooms, barbecue grills, fireplaces, DVD players and HDTVs at the same time, among the many other amenities our houses can offer.

3. Convenience for reunions! We offer houses that go up to 8 bedrooms and these houses are legitimate lodges designed for group activities. Accommodations and amenities are built for groups, and this includes having huge kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.

Granted, hotel rooms and condos are considerably cheaper options, but in the Smokies, you get what you pay for and everyone should get to experience a luxury vacation in the Smokies. Chalet Village would love to be your headquarters for that getaway and you can see our cabin selection right here.

Hope to see you for Christmas, New Years, or 2016!

Gatlinburg Winter Magic Kickoff and Chili Cookoff 2015

This week we will be celebrating the start of Winterfest season in Gatlinburg - a magical time that extends from early November all the way to the end of February (and in some cases, parts of early March). Gatlinburg starts Winterfest off with a major event downtown, and it all begins on November 11th.

November 11th is, of course, Veteran's Day, and this has been part of the Gatlinburg festivities for Winter Magic Kickoff for years. Ripley's Aquarium is where the focal point of the events take place, and the Veteran's Day tributes begin at 11:00AM. Later in the day, officials from the city of Gatlinburg will shut down the entire downtown street from Ripley's Aquarium to the Believe It or Not! Museum to host the Chili Cookoff, which promises to fill that street from end to end with chili vendors and tents for family fun and entertainment. More than 30,000 cups of chili are expected to arrive.

At night, the city throws on the big switch and get to see the million-dollar lighting displays that the city is famous for. After that, the Gatlinburg Trolley Tour of Lights will officially begin.

See more on this event at www.gatlinburg.com.

Last Special Events of Harvest Festival

At this late time of the season, it can be kinda hard to keep rooting and advertising for it as opposed to getting folks prepared for the next season (Winterfest), but in this case, it's almost Halloween and we'll be seeing the prime of the Autumn colors right in the final days of the month - and as such, there's still many special events going on for visitors to celebrate the season with their families.

Let's look:

* Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair *
Now - 10/25/15

* Halloween Trick or Treat *

* Dollywood National Southern Gospel and Harvest Celebration *
Now - 10/31/15

* Trick or Treat Kick Off Karnival *

* Halloween in the Hills *
10/30/15 - 11/1/15

* Shocktober *
Now - 11/1/15

* Oktoberfest at Ober Gatlinburg *
Now - 11/1/15

With these special events and the views of the full color Autumn spread out over the Smokies, your Harvest Festival vacation in the mountains will be a blast with Chalet Village. Reserve today!

Jeep and Miata Rentals in the Smokies

One of the new family entertainment trends blooming in the Smoky Mountains is the vehicular "outdoor adventure", where families can rent nice cars specifically for the purpose of exploring the Smokies in comfort and style. One business making a name for itself in this line of tourism is Smoky Mountain Jeep Rentals in Walden's Landing just outside of Pigeon Forge, TN.

Smoky Mountain Jeep Rentals has rentals for both Jeep Grand Cherokees and Mazda Miatas, depending on your taste. There's lots of places near Chalet Village where you could take an auto tour of the Smokies such as:

* Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail
* Little River Road
* Highway 441 through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
* The Arts and Crafts Community towards Dunn's Mill
* Highway 321 to Cosby
* And Chalet Village itself!

You can see more on Smoky Mountain Jeep Rentals at www.smokymountainjeeprentals.com. From time to time, we'll feature other local businesses and events we feel is worth your time to consider for your Smoky Mountain getaway.

Upcoming Autumn Events Near Chalet Village


You may have heard some rumblings about it, but it is basically confirmed the leaves falling and the color change has already begun in Gatlinburg. Not confirmed is whether the full Autumn bloom will come sooner than usual (which is about mid-October), but with a cold winter expected to come early, visitors hoping to get a colorful Autumn trip to the Smokies might need to make arrangements to come sooner than later.

Luckily there will be plenty of special events waiting for you should you come within the next few weeks. We have the return of Oktoberfest up at Ober Gatlinburg (September 25th-November 1st), the Dollywood National Gospel and Harvest Festival in Pigeon Forge (October 2nd-31st) and the Harvest Festival Craftsmen's Fair at the W.L. Mills Auditorium in downtown Gatlinburg (October 10th-October 27th). You can get more information on these events at www.gatlinburg.com.

Come stay at Chalet Village for all your Autumn needs and you will be surrounded by the most gorgeous views of the colored mountains you could ever think to witness. Words barely do justice to the awesome sights our cabins can bestow upon you. Reserve today by calling 1-800-262-7684.

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